About Us

Crimzon Studio is efficient to handle everything from Pre-production, Comics, Graphic novels, Boardgames and anything related to Art & Graphics. Get everything done under one roof so that you don’t have to micromanage your projects. Whether you are an individual or a company we would love to help your dream project grow from scribble to production ready Art.

Crimzon Studio was conceived in 2013 by Amit & Tina Ghadge. Our journey started with creating artwork for comic books and graphic novels. Couple of years later we were introduced to boardgames, which opened a lot of creative potential for us. With the right team of independent artists to work along with us we were able to accomplish a lot so far. Rich experience, client trust, and professional relationships are our USP.

Why Crimzon Studio?
• Experienced Art Team
• Manage projects in timely manner
• Efficient coordination
• One stop creative need
• Years of experience

Amit Ghadge

Amit Ghadge

Art Director

Amit is a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with industry experience of more than 15 years and with a versatile portfolio from working with Ad Agencies, Production Houses, Animation Studios, and E-Learning. Currently Amit is Art Directing Crimzon Studio, he enjoys designing & creating Art & Graphics for Board games. When not working Amit prefers to be a motorcycle tramp.

Tina Ghadge

Senior Colorist

Tina is a Bachelor of Fine Arts, began her career as a Background artist for Animation studios later shifting her interest as a Colourist for comic Books & Graphic novels. With experience of more than 12 years currently spearheading Comics & Graphic Novel projects at Crimzon Studio. She loves weekend Hiking and Birding.

Client Testimonials

“I worked with Amit to complete all the graphic design for Last Starfleet and was so impressed, he was an easy first choice for Fortune and Folly! Looking forward to working with him again on a future board game design project!”

– Sam Oplinger, Wicked Grin Games LLC

“Crimzonstudio is a company that puts the clients first, with great customer service, prompt timing and efficient scheduling. Their talented artists cater to your specific needs.”

– Beyond Publishing

“Crimzon Studio is led by Amit Ghadge,someone that we have worked with extensively on several projects.Amit is a great artist designer and manager of projects and has ALWAYS gone the extra mile for us many times.His team is dedicated, talented and very friendly and their English is flawless.We proudly recommend Crimson Studio as a professional and top-notch design studio.”

– Giant Goblin Games